Serafini Times Collection

Times Collection

The most beautiful journey we could ever take is through time! To be able to go back to the mythical '60s/'70s and meet the icons that inspire us every day: Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Twiggy Lawson, Steve McQueen... a real dream!

The Times line goes beyond fashion, it is a lifestyle that is a part of Serafini's DNA. It is the love for vinyl records, for analogue photos, for old James Bond films and for the most sought-after objects with a retro taste.

Pull the Alfa Romeo Duetto out of the garage, put on your Serafini and enjoy a ride through the Tuscan hills with the wind in your hair! A short stop at the nearest agriturismo for a good glass of wine and lose yourself in the plays of light at sunset.

#SerafiniTimes #WeAreSerafini

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