Fabrizio Serafini an expert tennis player for many years, was always in pursuit of an original look. He was the first to raise rubber-soled shoes to the status of fashion items, creating a new concept of "sneakers" and moving beyond standard and uniform styles and tastes.
The brand was launched with a casual but also chic collection, with shades of "vintage", and a blend of sophistication, glamour, craftsmanship and creativity.


Fabrizio Serafini was born in Arezzo, and inherited his interest in footwear from a family with four generations in the business. He has designed and produced various brands of shoe besides "Serafini", some of which are only marketed online.

As a strong supporter of Italian design and artisan production, he works in tandem with expert shoemakers to create customised footwear made entirely by hand.

This collaboration resulted in the "Dimmler" brand, a new concept in footwear produced by using the traditional "Ideal" stitching method.