Queen of Hearts

"I'd like to be a queen in people's hearts"

This is one of the famous statements of one of the most beloved women of all time, a symbol of beauty, elegance and simplicity. A unique, authentic and brave woman, who always placed her principles at the basis of her choices, fearlessly facing all the consequences they would entail.

“The world's most photographed woman”

A style icon who inspired trends and costumes. Able to wear any outfit with great elegance and class: from sporty outfits to evening dresses, from tartan to denim, from pastel colours to sequins: every outfit seemed to be made for her.

Serafini pays tribute to her with a model inspired by her charisma and timeless style. A model elegant in its simplicity, with a hypnotic appeal. The ultra-slim running sole mixed with chic colour combinations are the perfect combination that unites the sporty and rebellious soul with elegance and femininity.

Discover all the available colours of the new Lady D. !