Never leave a pair of # SerafiniShoes unattended!

In the bowling alley, fuchsia neon lights emphasise the American Graffiti atmosphere. Vintage prints hang on the walls, the rattle of billiard balls and the rock 'n roll of the jukebox complete the picture.

Boys and girls, laughing light-heartedly, take off their sneakers to lace up their bowling shoes. All seems peaceful, it's the ideal atmosphere to take home the most coveted prize: dozens of pairs of original Serafini originali!

Andrea, Vanessa and Sofia are already in place, hiding among the waiters and staff: they are just waiting for the best moment to strike and indulge their obsession (#Serafiniaholics).

VANESSA - Special traits: glacial and fatal.

If she decides to go unnoticed, she manages to do so despite her long, fiery red hair!
A true professional!

Is she just putting a little powder on her freckles, or is she keeping an eye on the unsuspecting people behind her with her mirror?
Are the silk gloves needed to complete her outfit or does she want to avoid leaving footprints?

Attention everyone:
Vanessa is a fascinating, dangerous and cynical dark lady!

SOFIA - Bored look, snobbish attitude.

She arrives with a pair of roller skates blowing bubbles with chewing gum,
a rebellious girl with a punk attitude.

She seems harmless but when she spots the details of an original Serafini there is no stopping her,

it's all useless:

she may seem naive but she's already fooled you!

Don't get between her and a pair of Serafini or it will be worse for you!

ANDREA - One guy, a thousand identities.

Sitting with his newspaper open and his legs crossed,
you don't even notice him

Yet from behind his sunglasses he can see everything!

Another glance to the left,
a nod of agreement with Vanessa
and there's the signal, we're running!

He starts up the Peugeot 205 convertible from the 1990s and sets off, making the tyres screech.

You'll never catch us!

The shoot for the Runway of the
Serafini Spring-Summer 2023 collection
is coloured with '90s hues.

Everything recalls that period:
the location, the soundtrack, the car, the outfits with leather jackets and high-waisted jeans.

A plunge into a magical, cheerful, crazy and carefree period:
just like the mood of this Serafini campaign!