Fresh, energetic, non-conformist and very talented.

The stars of the campaign for Serafini's new Runway line are all protagonists of the street!

To realize the shooting of this line of sneakers with an urban flavor, we tracked down a skater capable of defying gravity (@paolo_sestini) and an entire crew of breakers: people who are nothing less than EXPLOSIVE (@TAG DI TUTTI)!

All this because Serafini means surprise, it means wonder! Our intent was to convey the identity of the brand. How did we do it? Here's the story:

An exclusive event: tuxedos, sequins, tapestries on the walls and frescoes on the ceiling. We hear a piano softly resounding in the villa while champagne toasts are made. All seems quiet... yet in such harmony, something attracts attention: Rin, in her black dress, furtively hides a spray canister... Andrea has a conspicuous bandage on his wrist.... And why is Paul wearing those terrycloth socks?

What have our protagonists experienced in the afternoon? Perhaps something that tells the other side of their coin! Eclectic people, who cannot resist their deep passions: that's why when the call of the street is heard, nothing and no one can stop them!

An historic 17th-century residence in the wonderful medieval setting of Lucignano, a town located between Arezzo, Siena and Perugia, was chosen for the recording of the scenes. A marvelous villa featuring frescoed vaulted ceilings and 19th-century furnishings: truly perfect for the purpose!
The Campo di Marte skate park and the Alberti multi-story parking lot in Florence were chosen for the recording of the urban scenes, as well as the Malpighi suburban district in Arezzo.

Two completely different locations chosen to show strong contrasts. Contrasts able to coexist by breaking every scheme! After all, nonconformity is precisely the main ingredient of Serafini’s DNA!