It runs in the family

For the FW23 shooting of the Serafini Times line, we portrayed a classic Tuscan family

Typical Tuscan countryside... a land of passion and tradition.
In the background is a splendid estate in the hills, accessible through a charming cypress-lined driveway leading to a large traditional farmhouse, where Paolo (son), Giorgio (father) and Silvio (grandfather) live.
Three generations compared.

Three generations compared. Three strong personalities, expressed by the passions of the protagonists: a blazing red car from the 1960s, rare vinyl records, vintage tennis rackets with a glorious history... and Serafini, of course from the Times line!

Objects of desire that manage to arouse friendly ire and jealousy, lived in the spirit of three generations, which, although different, are characterised by identical passions.

And so...


"Yes I know... they are untouchable items for dad but the temptation is too strong! I can't and won't resist...

I'll avoid getting caught!
I can make it if I can get the Triumph home within an hour.

And when she sees me... she won't believe her eyes!
I have to pick somewhere really romantic!"


"There... here we go again! Is it possible that he still thinks he can fool me? Doesn't he know that I was a boy before him?

? I told him a thousand times that he must not touch my things!
My records! My Triumph! ... and my shoes!

As soon as he gets back I'll tell him off!"


"I can't believe it, all they do is fight! Giorgio, then! ... he is always angry! Has he already forgotten that at Paolo's age he did the same with my things? Those two have the same character!"

"And then Irene?? Now even she is starting to look at Francesca's Lady D's! Before the worst happens even between mother and daughter, I think I'll better give her a pair too!"

This is the story of a family in which pure Italian DNA shows through, a passion for music, for motors, for the company of friends and for the good life.

But also passion for beautiful authentic things, which have a soul... and therefore eternity!

Passions to live...

...whatever the cost !