Inside the Serafini Style Studio

There is a whole world inside Serafini:
a world of contemporary designs, out-of-the-ordinary materials and always-new colours!

Did you know that you can find up to twenty different materials in a pair of Serafini?

Our designers take care to customise and attend to every single detail, even the smallest.

No detail is irrelevant, and all the elements skilfully combined manage to create ever new and exciting models.

We continuously search for new materials from the best Italian suppliers, the same ones used by the major fashion houses.

From the most classic materials like leather and suede, declined in new colours and effects (such as laminated leather, rubberized leather, naplak),

to the most modern ones, such as technical fabrics, air mesh and nylon: we love to combine unexpected nuances, animal prints and precious accessories to achieve every time a WOW effect !

Thanks to these mixes, the resulting models are immediately recognisable by their uniqueness.

Just like those who choose them!