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    Serafini presents Wimbledon Perforated White & Red in a new customisable edition: only 100 available pairs!
    Your Wimbledon will truly be only yours, and that’s how:
    - New label “We are Serafini”, customised with your name, and numbered by hand (see pic 3).
    - You can add your initials and/or your favourite number directly on the upper. The customisable space is highlighted in picture 5, and it is on the back of the shoe, on the heel. The chosen characters will be HANDWRITTEN in GOLD, and you have maximum 4 ALPHANUMERIC characters available, 2 on each shoe. (see pic 6)
    At the moment of the checkout, in the COMMENTS section before confirming the payment, you will have to specify the following information (see pic 7):
    - The name you want to be written on the label, for which you have maximum 6 characters available (e.g. PIERRE).
    - The 4 characters you want on the upper (e.g. PA 65). The characters will be written from left to right, so in this case PA will be on the left shoe, and 65 on the right one. (see pic 6)
    This information is compulsory: in case these are not correctly specified in the aforementioned “Comments” section, the order will remain on hold until we will receive answer form the customer by email.
    If you have any doubt or question before completing the order, you can contact our Customer Service, who will give you all the requested information.
1 Item(s)
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